SSUNNBRAKEPARTS is an experienced professional manufacturer of brake parts for brake and clutch system of vehicles.

    Starting from fittings from 2001,supplying brake fittings,brake line fittings,bolts and nuts to domestic fittings trading firms and local factories.Relying on the reliable quality,our fittings exported to over 20 countries via trading firms in 2007.Later the same year,after studying the main overseas market carefully,the management of Sunny Industry Group decide to develop the range of production,offering the whole brake fittings and hose for brake and clutch system,including brake lines and related accessories.

    For over a decade,SSUNNBRAKEPARTS turnover grow up from 0.5 Million to 5 Million(USD).

    SSUNNBRAKEPARTS is one of the biggest brake parts manufacturer in China.Two manufacturing centers located in Zhejiang Province.Total airea is 8000 m² with 150 staff working.Brake fittings 10 Million pieces annual capacity,Brake hose and brake line 3 Million meters and 2 Million pieces annual capacity. Now share 60% of its productivity for export business,and 40% works for domestic business that main is for trading companies.

    Product Structure:

    Fittings include Banjo Fittings series,such as Male Fittings,Female Fittings,Center Support and Hardwares to OE stryle brake hose;Brake Line Fitting series like Brake Adapters,Threaded Fittings,T connectors,Brake Pipe Fittings;Bolts and Nuts series and Brass Fittings.

    Hoses include Rubber Brake Hose,Stainless Steel Braided Brake hose,Brake Pipe ,Hydraulic Brakes and Brake lines.

    Brake Parts Accessories include related rubber or plastic accessories for fittings and hoses.