Quality Control

Strict Quality Controal during all the job

“Quality is everything” is the slogan of SSUNNBRAKEPARTS.We put quality first as the most important principle since the company establish.The extensive quality control and several tests of materials and finished products are through all the process of our production.

The Specification of Brake Hoses more comform to SAE J1401 quality standard.

Test Items Test Condition Standard Test Results
ID Normal 3.2mm 3.15~3.35mm
OD Normal 10.5mm 10.30~10.60mm
Expansion 1000psi 0.33cc/ft max. 0.15~0.17cc/ft
1500psi 0.42cc/ft max. 0.21~0.23cc/ft
2900psi 0.61cc/ft max. 0.40~0.42cc/ft
Burst 4000psi×2min;pressure rated 25,000±10,000psi/min >7000psi No seepage >10,600psi
Whip 235~250psi >35h >73h
Tensile tensile speed:218±3mm/min >1446N 2500N
Cold Bend -45°C ~-48°C× 72h, 3-5s,bending180° No cracking No cracking
Ozone 100pphm×70h×40°C, 7X No cracking No cracking
Impulse 146°C 1±0.1min at 1600psi+70 >7000psi No crack >7400psi
Compatibility 120°C × 70h >7000psi No seepage >8900psi
Salt Spray 5%NaCl, 24h,water cleanout in 35°C No red rust No red rust
Water Aging Water in 85±2°C,after 70h~72h 4000psi × 2min;pressure rated 25,000±10,000psi/min >7000psi; >35h; >1446N >10300psi;>60h; >2400N

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